Comelit Video Door Entry System-8472 Two Family B/w Geniuskit Idea Entrance Panel- Black & White

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Key Features

  • Genius monitor art. 5801
  • bracket art. 5814K
  • One transformer art. 1205/B
  • Ldea surface-mounted external unit art. 4880 (including box to make flush-mounted version art. 3554)
  • Branch terminal art. 1214/2
  • One termination terminal art. 1216

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1 in stock

Comelit 8472 is a Video door Entry System that can be shared by Two Family. the inddor unit picture colour is black and white. Geniuskit Idea Entrance Panel includes 2 Genius monitors art. 5801, two brackets art. 5814K, one transformer art. 1205/B, 1 Idea surface-mounted external unit art. 4881 (including box to make flush-mounted version art. 3554), 2 branch terminals art. 1214/2 and one termination terminal art. 1216.

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