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• 6 microphone inputs:

– electronically balanced
– individually controllable via software
– with adjustable input sensitivity (gain)
– with 3-pol. Terminal connection

• 4 stereo line inputs

– with input selector circuit
– with separate level control
– with RCA connector
– in the sum over software controlled

• Mix input for external playback or extension (eg mixer) with separate level controls

• Switchable phantom power (27 V )

• Outputs:

– electronically balanced master stereo output with 3-pol. Terminal connection
– adjustable via software
– unbalanced master stereo output with RCA connector
– Microphone recording output sum (mono) with RCA connector
– Sub electronically balanced stereo output with 3-pol. Terminal connection

• Each input can be optionally routed to the master and / or Sub.

• RS 232 interface 9-pin. SUB-D connector for external operation

• LED indicators for cable monitoring, operating status, signal level and override

• Integrated power supply

• Rugged all-metal housing, 19 “/ 1U Application: The MIX 10 NG2 is a 10-channel stereo mixing system with 6 Microphone -., and 4 Line inputs Dividing possibility of signals to a master and a subgroup output allows a flexible adaptation to different applications by default is possible. remote control of the system via the integrated RS 232 interface using the included software or an external media control system the makes. MIX 10 NG2 ideal for use in sound reinforcement systems in conference rooms, hotels, restaurants, multi-purpose halls, churches, meeting halls, town halls, fairground companies, gyms and many more.

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5 in stock

A 1U high, general-purpose, stereo mixer with functionality suited for sound-contracting applications. It has six balanced mic inputs and four switchable stereo line inputs and an RS-232 interface with status feedback as standard.

The MIX-10 NG2 features bass and treble controls, and a mute switch, for each individual microphone input and overall for stereo line inputs, with source selection switches and status LEDs for the stereo line inputs. Rear-panel switches assign the 27V DC phantom-power on all microphone inputs and the routing of microphone and line inputs to master and/or sub outputs. A stereo mix input is also available for linking several mixers together. As well as the stereo master output, a second variable sub group output is also available, with separate volume control (for a second speaker zone, for example). A dedicated record output also provides a fixed level signal for recording devices. A priority control (ducking function) is possible via any or all microphone channels, with fully adjustable response threshold and fade speed, all selected via PC software (supplied). Power input is via a fused IEC 230V AC mains connector. There is also a ground-lift switch and master/sub mono-bridging switches to allow stereo sources to appear as bridged mono outputs.

The MIX-10 NG2 can be controlled from a PC using the RS232 interface connector. Windows-based software is supplied and provides on-screen remote access and configuration of inputs, outputs and ducking. The MIX-10 NG2 can also be integrated into AMX or Crestron media control systems.

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